About Us

Bear Hug Blankets address two issues when transporting a child in cold weather: protection from the cold and the elements and safety for the child when they are riding in a vehicle in their car safety seat.

The designer of the Bear Hug took on this mission in support of her grandson and keeping him warm during the cold and snow of Wisconsin winters.

The Bear Hug Blanket is a blanket that has a hood and is strategically open in the back for outstanding tactical placement of a child in a car safety seat.   

The issue is transporting a small child from the warmth of the home, proceed outside in the cold, enter a cold vehicle and place your young loved one onto a cold car safety seat.  The Bear Hug Blanket facilitates the ability to have your child wrapped in a warm covering and keeping the child warm and safe as you place them in their car seat.

Some of the benefits we have found with Bear Hug Blanket is:

  1. The Bear Hug Blanket conveniently allows you to secure the safety straps under the blanket for maximum snugness and security.
  2. The Bear Hug Blanket works outside of the car safety seat. Children seem to like using their Bear Hug Blanket to wear about the house to stay warm and snug.
  3. The Bear Hug Blanket has turned out to be very useful for children/adults who need to use a wheelchair.
  4. The Bear Hug Blanket has also been used for elderly/adults looking to keep warm in during the winter due to the size of the blanket.
  5. The Bear Hug Blanket has the perfect micro fleece to help you stay perfectly warm.

It is about keeping children warm, safe and snug! 

The Bear Hug Blanket does that and looks great accomplishing that task!

Partner with us!

Bear Hug Blankets is always looking to share the warmth while battling the coldest times of year.

We have worked with businesses to be part of events and even donate to local charities.

Contact us below for more details or email: Bearhuginfo@mybearhugblanket.com